In 1986, Congress enacted the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act “Act” with the goal of improving highway safety by regulating the conduct of commercial motor vehicle drivers. The Act, along with subsequent statutory refinements, is now codified in 49 U.S.C. Chapters 311, 313 and 315. Federal regulations also have been developed to ensure safety in commercial motor vehicle operations. The Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration maintains a website with all relevant regulations that is updated as new regulations are promulgated or existing regulations are changed. They also maintain a listing of proposed regulations as they move through the promulgation process.

Of particular relevance to judges and court administrators are 49 USC § 31311 and § 31314. They describe the actions a state must take following certain convictions and the penalty to the state for non-compliance. The statute places the burden of compliance on the “state” in general, but compliance will by necessity require the participation of members of the judiciary.