Community Awareness: Education and Outreach

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) has partnered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to implement outreach programs to the court community in order to improve the timely transmission of commercial driving convictions to DMV's. Outreach efforts include:

  • Creating this resource website
  • Making presentations at national and regional meetings of court associations
  • Creating a self-assessment tool
  • Developing educational and presentation materials


Court community knowledge of the requirements of federal law relating to commercial motor carriers and the need for compliance is neither comprehensive nor complete. Preliminary field work supports the conclusion that greater awareness of issues and laws affecting commercial motor carriers is needed. This website will serve as a resource for judges and court administrators needing rapid, 24 hour a day access to basic information related to commercial driving issues.

A specific and easily identifiable portion of this website has been devoted to issues involving commercial motor vehicles. Judges, court administrators, clerks of court, court associations and others can find useful information and key reference materials on diverse traffic issues, especially relating to commercial motor vehicles and the commercial driver's license (CDL).

Conferences and Meetings

A more proactive form of outreach seeks to inform and educate the court community on aspects of CDL law and processes through outreach to court associations. This effort takes the form of a speakers' bureau that involves NCSC project personnel and our partners.

NCSC has conducted CDL awareness programs at conferences and meetings of the following Associations:

  • The National Association for Court Management
  • The American Bar Association: Judicial Division
  • The Mid-Atlantic Association for Court Management
  • Ohio Association of Court Administrators
  • Ohio Elected Clerks Association
  • Ohio Municipal Court Clerks Association
  • The Missouri Judges Association
  • Georgia Council of Court Administrators
  • The Pennsylvania Association of Court Management
  • Texas Municipal Court Education Center's Municipal Traffic Safety Initiatives Conference
  • AAMVA CDL Coordinators and IT Directors Conference
  • NDAA National Traffic Law Center CDL Conference
  • Iowa Judicial Conference
  • Nevada Association for Court Career Advancement
  • Metropolitan St. Louis Association for Court Administrators

NCSC has adopted a strategy to take CDL awareness programs to local courts through participation in state court association meetings or conferences. Awareness programs can be in the form of presentations, workshops or small group meetings of judges, court officials and other stakeholders involved in commercial driving cases. NCSC does not charge for these programs. NCSC provides awareness programs through a grant provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

We invite you to contact the NCSC if your organization would like more information:

Jannet Lewis 757.259.1824