Government Accounting Office Reports

Government Accounting Office Report: Commercial Vehicle Security: Risk-Based Approach Needed to Secure the Commercial Vehicle Sector (April, 2009). The Government Accounting Office (GAO) recommends that TSA develop a plan and time frame for completing risk assessments, develop performance measures that assess the effectiveness of federal commercial vehicle security programs, fully define stakeholder roles and responsibilities, and assess its coordination efforts.

Government Accounting Office Report: Commercial Drivers: Certification Process for Drivers with Serious Medical Conditions (June, 2008). Millions of drivers hold commercial driver licenses (CDL), allowing them to operate commercial vehicles. The Department of Transportation (DOT) established regulations requiring medical examiners to certify that these drivers are medically fit to operate their vehicles and provides oversight of their implementation. Little is known on the extent to which individuals with serious medical conditions hold CDLs. In this study, GAO was asked to (1) examine the extent to which individuals holding a current CDL have serious medical conditions and (2) provide examples of commercial drivers with medical conditions that should disqualify them from receiving a CDL.

Government Accounting Office Report: Examples of Job Hopping by Commercial Drivers after Failing Drug Tests (June, 2008). Because of the significant danger of commercial drivers circumventing the return-to-duty requirements and driving shortly after a failed drug test, GAO was asked to identify illustrative cases of job-hopping commercial drivers based on data that you provided to us from a third-party administrator. Specifically, they were asked to determine (1) the current employment status for selected employees who passed the drug test after recently failing the test; (2) whether the failed test was known to the current employer prior to, or after, hiring the individual; and (3) whether the prior positive test result was disclosed on the application for current employment.

Government Accounting Office Report: Motor Carrier Safety: Improvements to Drug Testing Programs Could Better Identify Illegal Drug Users and Keep Them off the Road (May, 2008). Federal law requires commercial drivers to submit urine specimens for drug testing. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for ensuring that motor carriers comply with these regulations. Reports have raised concerns that some drivers may not be tested, some may be tested but avoid detection, and some may test positive but continue to drive. GAO was asked to look at these challenges. This report reviews (1) the factors that contribute to challenges related to drug testing; and (2) the various options that exist to address these challenges. GAO obtained information from a wide variety of stakeholders in the drug testing industry, and analyzed data from FMCSA and others to determine the potential effectiveness of various options.